It all starts with one simple realisation: your skin is a living thing. This living organ, the largest and most exposed of our body, is aging faster on a daily basis, at 75% due to the environment it is exposed to. Why do we always offer it the same skincare although its needs change on a daily basis ? Why don't we offer it an adapted, healthy and fresh skincare ?


Morgan, Thomas and David are 3 young passionate entrepreneurs. They created together Romy, associating their energy, their benevolence and their level of requirement to serve the skin, the consumers, innovation and their team. They have their heart set on doing things with meaning and benevolence, in a world where information overload and outdoing everyone else is more important than quality and need.


Romy isn't committed only to skin's rights. Doing things with meaning and benevolence are our core values. That's why we favour local suppliers and the "Made in France".