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“A skin nourished according to its needs every morning and evening”

The unique Figure formulator allows you to formulate the most suitable treatment for your skin at any given moment, in your own home.

Precise, quick, safe, gentle and fresh, the Romy Paris formulator meets all the standards of the big laboratories, right at home in your bathroom.

Simply download the free Romy Paris app for a skincare assistant at your fingertips – one that understands your environment and listens to your skin’s needs to match your pace of life. The Romy app then identifies your best capsule combination at that time. All that’s left is to add it to your formulator for a completely fresh, tailor-made, healthy skincare product in just a few seconds.

5 years of research + 9 patents filed = a few seconds between nature and your skin, and hundreds of possible skincare combinations.

Next delivery in February 2018




What do I need to start using my formulator?

Every purchase of Figure comes with a pack, containing:
– Your formulator
– The primary face care
– The washing solution
– Each of the ten active ingredients
Everything you need to start formulating your skincare at home.

Where does Figure come from?

Proud to bear the Made in France label, we devised Figure in Troyes where all of the R&D takes place.

How many capsules should I use?

You don’t need to be a chemist to use Figure: the Romy Paris app will be your assistant and help you identify the best skincare formula for that time, ranging from one to three capsules.

Does Figure come with a guarantee?

Yes, you’ll get a two-year guarantee managed by our teams.

Can I use Figure without the Romy app?

You can formulate your skincare without the app but you’ll need it to identify the fresh active ingredients required by your skin at any given moment. So you need the app to give your skin a tailor-made product.

How big is Figure? What if I don’t have space in my bathroom?

Figure is 24cm wide, 35cm high and 19cm deep.
If you have nowhere to put it and/or plug it in your bathroom, you can keep Figure in another room as its water tank and containers are removable.

How do I look after Figure?

To ensure fresh skincare with strict hygiene levels comparable with laboratory standards, Figure is automatically washed after each use. We also recommend that you sterilise Figure once a week by pressing the start/stop button for a short time.
Simply check that the washing solution appears in your formulator.


Figure user manual here

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2 years

Main plug

220V plug


2.4GHz WiFi network with WPA or WPA2 encryption (WPA Personal TKIP/AES/CCMP), Bluetooth 4.1


iPhone 6 or above, or Android 5.0 or above